ViaFinance – get paid faster

Your businesses income is of more use on your corporate account than on the operator’s, therefore we offer the additional service ViaFinance. ViaFinance gets you paid faster, increased liquidity provides you with new strength to grow.

  • Improve your liquidity by faster payments through ViaFinance.
  • Receive payment faster
  • New possibilities for development and growth of your bussiness.
Product ViaFinance


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Receive payment within 10 banking days

With ViaFinance, you receive payment faster, instead of a 40 day payment wait; we pay out your generated income within 10 banking days after the month-end. More money in your cashbox creates flexibility and new possibilities for development and growth.

Avoid long payment times

CDR-posts are an untapped asset with long payment cycles. With ViaFinance, you avoid having your funds bound and can instead use your assets for new investments that allow your business to grow, without affecting your other credit routines in any way.

Does not affect your credit rating

ViaFinance does not affect your other credit routines or loans, since the costs for the service is taken out as a cash discount. You can choose to purchase the service for individual occasions or to sign a continuous agreement.

Increased liquidity

With faster payments, you create a stronger cash flow and an increased liquidity. With ViaFinance, you can reverse a negative cash flow and release valuable capital that makes it possible to invest in the future.