Operational Reliability

Having a technical platform that is reliable and stable is most vital to you as a customer. A prerequisite to achieve high operational reliability is a modern and well developed technical platform, redundant infrastructure and highly reputable suppliers and partners. But that alone is not enough. The knowledge of how the system is designed, managed and operated is the most critical factor to ensure high operational reliability.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of operating transaction-intensive real-time systems and guarantee a minimum uptime of 99,9 %.

Knowledge and Experience

Technology is a prerequisite to maintain a high operational reliability, but knowledge and competence are often the most decisive factors. We have extensive knowledge and long experience of operating transaction-intensive real-time systems. We maintain our competence through regular education and we have well prepared routines if something unexpected were to happen.

Technical Platform

We continuously invest in our technical infrastructure to maintain a modern technical platform that fulfills our stringent requirements for reliability and to satisfy our customers needs. The platform consists of about twenty servers that interact with each other. We use well-known hardware suppliers such as HP ProLiant-servers with its MSA-cluster for fast and secure disk storage. For telephony signalling, we primarily use Cisco and Dialogic, both well-renowned hardware manufacturers in the telecom communications industry.

All critical functions, such as telephony, web, database and firewalls, are fully redundant via HA, NLB and cluster solutions. Systems surveillance takes place around-the-clock. This means that if an accident should occur and a server, switch or firewall should fail, there’s always at least one passive unit that within a matter of seconds takes over the active operation of the system. With redundancy and around-the-clock surveillance, the damage is minimized if an accident should occur.

Our telephony platform has a high capacity and we ensure that we maintain a good margin to handle all of our customers traffic.