Viatel On Air
– For the big events

With Viatel On Air, all of your viewers and listeners can call and text to vote, donate money or participate in contests. The service handles five million calls and SMS per hour. Feel free to welcome the large audience.

  • Capacity for intensive and high number of calls
  • Fixed prices within the range 0.80 – 19.90 SEK / call
  • Flexible service that can be adapted to the program format
  • Graph that displays call traffic in real time
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Viatel On Air

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Capacity for millions

Viatel On Air makes it possible to receive large amounts of calls and SMS within a short period of time. The service is often used within radio and TV where the audience call or text to the program in order to e.g. vote, donate money or participate in contests. With Viatel On Air, you can welcome a large audience without running the risk of overload, the service handles approximately five million calls and SMS per hour.

Additional tools

The service can be configured with different tools and applications for different purposes e.g. to randomly pick a competition winner, follow traffic in real-time graphs and extract customised reports for analysis and follow-up for your program.

Simple and effective

Viatel On Air is a simple and effective method of payment both for you and the consumer. No registration is required in order to use the service and your audience can take part via telephone call and SMS wherever they are in the country. The service works with both subscriptions and prepaid.

Overall responsibility

We take the overall responsibility and ensure that the telephony solution works according to your needs and wishes, and that you get paid for all calls and SMS that occur. With the additional service Advance Payment we even do so extra quickly.


You can choose to charge certain fixed prices within the range 0,80–19,90 SEK per call and SMS. In distinction to regular premium rate numbers, no reading of the price is required and the consumer is charged immediately. The service, both calls and SMS, works from prepaid phone cards.

Calls and SMS

Viatel On Air uses telephone numbers with the prefix 099, e.g. 099-123 45. The number is available for calls from all Swedish operators. For SMS-traffic, we provide a separate number.

Customised to your wishes

You decide how you wish to distribute the incoming traffic, you can e.g. decide that 100% of the calls shall reach a pre-recorded message or that between 0-10% shall be forwarded to another target, e.g. to a studio.

It’s also possible to add functions such as registration of contest answers and “hot button” to connect randomly chosen calls to the TV studio or other location.

Client web provides overview

Our client web makes it possible to, for example, follow the traffic to your service in real time and generate reports to retrospectively analyse the results. The reports can easily be exported to Excel if you wish to save them or do a deeper analysis. If you’re broadcasting live in TV or radio, the real-time graph showing the flow of incoming traffic tends to be a much appreciated tool.

A clear overview makes it possible for you to make quick decisions during live broadcasts and to do deeper analysis after the event and thus get the most out of your program.

Get paid faster

Your businesses income is of more use on your corporate account than on the operator’s, therefore we offer the additional service Advance Payment. With Advance Payment, you receive your payout faster, instead of a 40 day payment wait, we pay out your generated income within 5 days

The Ethical Council for Premium Rate Call Services (ERB) is an independent, autonomous organ that regulates the premium rate call market in Sweden.  ERB’s task is to develop rules that apply on the premium rate market and to ensure that they are followed. As our customer, you are of course bound to follow these regulations.

The regulations regard both marketing and what content that may be provided through premium rate calls, below is a brief of the most important rules. The regulations can be read in their entirety on ERB’s website,, choose “Regler” in the menu and then click the second “här” to download a PDF-version of the regulations in English.

  • Swedish speaking customer service shall be provided on a Swedish fixed-line number all week-days between hours 09.00-16.00.
  • The price for the call shall always be provided directly adjacent to the premium rate number in all marketing material relating to the service.
  • The text size of the price information should be at least one third of that of the premium rate number.
  • Company name, postal address and customer service number must be included in all marketing of the service.