– Pay with the telephone

PayByCall is a service for you who want to charge for different types of purchases. Typical applications are for example charity, competitions and payment for ads.

  • Simple, flexible and secure payments by phone
  • The customer will be charged only after your ad code is approved by the customer
  • The price may vary depending on the ad code that the client specifies
  • Statistics directly on the customer web that shows the number of purchases
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Premium Rate Numbers – easy and safe

With Premium Rate Numbers you can easily charge by phone. The consumer makes a premium rate call to pay for a product or a service, the cost is then charged on their telephone bill.

Nine different types of PayByCall

The service PayByCall is available in nine different types. You choose the type of PayByCall-solution that suits you the best. Then you record the prompts that are going to be played for the customer that calls in to your service.

The service can be accessed from both the fixed and the mobile network, but for a SMS to be sent, it is required that the person is calling from a Swedish mobile number.

  • Type 1 – Enter code.
  • Type 2 – Recording.
  • Type 3 – Input and recording.
  • Type 4 – Input + input.
  • Type 5 – No action, for example during charity.
  • Type 6 – Reading of the code + dispatch via SMS
  • Type 7 – Input + call-out.
  • Type 8 – Input with HTTP-request.
  • Type 9 – Active selection or input.

If you select a PayByCall of type 6 that is reading of the code, it is possible to connect the sending of the SMS to the service. The recited code will then automatically be sent to the customer via SMS directly after the call is finished.

We will notify you after every purchase

After each completed call, we will send you a notification via an HTTP request or an email. In the notification, you will see from which telephone number the payment has been made, which code that has been entered / recited etc.

Client web provides overview

Access to our client web is included with your Premium Rate Number. In the client interface, you are provided with a clear overview of your service, you can for example follow call statistics.

You decide the price

You decide the price and the VAT rate on your Premium Rate Number based on which product or service you sell. You can choose to charge a certain price per call or a certain price per minute. If you choose the price model “price per minute” the call can cost a maximum of 1000 SEK, and is ended automatically when the limit is reached.

If you choose the price model “price per call”, you can charge a maximum of 200 SEK per call. We can offer higher amounts depending on the type of product or service you sell.

Dynamic price announcement

The customer price for the call is always automatically announced to the customer when they call the Premium Rate Number, the price announcement is free of charge. The consumer must confirm that they approve the price for the call by pressing “1″. Within the service you can use a customized introduction prompt with your company name. You can also choose to increase security by having the price repeated or the consumer entering their year of birth before charging.


Payment for traffic is made to your business account 40 days after the month-end. If you wish to receive payment faster, we offer the additional service Advance Payment, we then pay out your generated income within 10 banking days instead of 40. After each month-end, we send you a settlement note where traffic, your generated income and our charges are specified. The charges are offset directly against the income on the same invoice – simple and efficient.

The Ethical Council for Premium Rate Call Services (ERB) is an independent, autonomous organ that regulates the premium rate call market in Sweden.  ERB’s task is to develop rules that apply on the premium rate market and to ensure that they are followed. As our customer, you are of course bound to follow these regulations.

The regulations regard both marketing and what content that may be provided through premium rate calls, below is a brief of the most important rules. The regulations can be read in their entirety on ERB’s website,, choose “Regler” in the menu and then click the second “här” to download a PDF-version of the regulations in English.

  • Swedish speaking customer service shall be provided on a Swedish fixed-line number all week-days between hours 09.00-16.00.
  • The price for the call shall always be provided directly adjacent to the premium rate number in all marketing material relating to the service.
  • The text size of the price information should be at least one third of that of the premium rate number.
  • Company name, postal address and customer service number must be included in all marketing of the service.