AgentLine Switchboard
– Customized for your needs

With AgentLine you can quick and easily create your own switchboard solution for example support and advice. You can have any number of agents working on the line and the customer chooses from a menu which agent he or she wants to talk to.

  • You choose whether the customer should pay for the entire call or just for the time that the customer talks to an agent
  • Integrated SMS functionality that can increase call traffic
  • Technically a very competent service with the capacity for a large number of calls
  • Support for Premium Rate Numbers in several countries, for example Norway and Finland
  • A customer web to see your calls in real time as well as your call history
  • Complete salary details for your staff
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A virtual switchboard solution

Service Agent Line is a virtual switchboard solution with different menus where the customers choose who they want to talk to. The service makes it possible to charge for such support and advice. Customers are greeted by a menu and can choose if they want to be connected to the first available agent, to listen to pre-recorded presentations or keying in a code to directly access a specific agent.

Simple and safe

Premium rate is an easy and secure way to pay for both you and your customer. No registration required to pay and the service can be accessed even by consumers with unlisted telephone numbers. Your customers can call wherever they are in the country; the only thing needed is a phone subscription.

You don´t have to identify your customer or send out invoices and thereby avoid bad debts. We ensure that you get paid for all calls made.

The phone as a work tool

Since the solution is virtual the different agents working on the line can be located in different places.
The only thing needed to work as an agent and receive calls on the line, is access to a telephone. Agents can also log in and out of their shifts through a simple phone call.

Customer interface provides owerview

Included in your service is free access to our website. In the web interface you can manage the saily administration of your service and also get a good overview. For example you can se logged-in agents, call in progress, call statistics and missed calles.


Do not miss out AgentLine with the ability for customers to prepay their calls.
Learn more about AgentLine with advances payment and billing.

The Ethical Council for Premium Rate Call Services (ERB) is an independent, autonomous organ that regulates the premium rate call market in Sweden.  ERB’s task is to develop rules that apply on the premium rate market and to ensure that they are followed. As our customer, you are of course bound to follow these regulations.

The regulations regard both marketing and what content that may be provided through premium rate calls, below is a brief of the most important rules. The regulations can be read in their entirety on ERB’s website,, choose “Regler” in the menu and then click the second “här” to download a PDF-version of the regulations in English.

  • Swedish speaking customer service shall be provided on a Swedish fixed-line number all week-days between hours 09.00-16.00.
  • The price for the call shall always be provided directly adjacent to the premium rate number in all marketing material relating to the service.
  • The text size of the price information should be at least one third of that of the premium rate number.
  • Company name, postal address and customer service number must be included in all marketing of the service.