About Us


Viatel was founded in 1992 focusing on call-handling, switchboard solutions and queue handing systems. Through the years, we have gained considerable experience of what is needed to create tailor-made telephony solutions to meet our customer’s needs.



In the year 2000, our background within call-handling provided us with the perfect prerequisite to focus on micro-payments in the form of premium rate calls and SMS. This focus quickly became a success story, and we now handle over 15 million payment transactions per year. After many years as Telia’s largest premium rate number reseller, we are proud to be the first supplier in the market to offer our own premium rate numbers – Via900.



The payment service market is a fast developing one, and therefore we continually focus on simplifying and improving payment flows in order to retain our market-leading position. With our own premium rate numbers and key relationships with operators, we are in a unique market position that allows us to offer completely new types of services, for example Advance Payment.
Our vision is to be an innovative clearinghouse that is open to new opportunities within new areas of business – the driving factor that leads development into the future.

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