– Well-target communication

Sending SMS is a simple and well-targeted way to communicate with your customers. The service can be used to send out offers, information and reminders. With SMS, you reach the right person at the right time, at a low price.

  • It is simple and easy to send SMS via the customer web
  • Send SMS through API
  • You can set the sender of the text message yourself
  • A proven, efficient and accurate communication
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Get started quick & easy

You can choose to send SMS via our web interface or through our API. The API allows you to connect the service to your own CRM-system, while our web interface gets you started quickly without any need for your own technology.

Local and global reach

You can send SMS to a single recipient or to thousands of recipients simultaneously. Your SMS gets through wherever your customer may be situated, it’s just as easy to send SMS locally as globally.

SMS via the web interface

Our web interface makes it easy to text your customers. No installation is required and you can log in wherever you may be, all you need is a computer and internet connection. Once logged in, just enter the recipient’s telephone number and your message, then all you need to do is hit the Send-button. You can also import address registers to smoothly send SMS to a larger number of recipients simultaneously.

Statistics and account balance

The web interface also allows you to search transactions for a specific phone number, view overall statistics and control account balance and valid senders for your service.

Set a specific sender

You can choose to set your own sender on your SMS instead of the shortcode, which is default. The sender can contain maximally 11 characters, e.g. your company name or phone number. If you want the recipient to be able to reply to the message you have to set a mobile number as the sender.

Web interface or API

You can choose to send SMS via our web interface or through our API. If you send SMS via our web interface, no additional technology is required from you. If you wish to integrate the service with e.g. your CRM system, we recommend that you use our API. Irrespective of what you choose, we will deliver a well-targeted service that will help you reach your customers.

Scheduled messages

You can choose to schedule your messages, no matter if you send SMS via the web interface or through our API. You simply decide at what day and time you wish your message to be sent, your SMS is then automatically sent at the given time.

Delivery report

The operator normally sends a notification when an SMS has been delivered to a recipient. If you wish to receive delivery reports for your sent messages, we can notify you through an HTTP GET request. The delivery report contains details of e.g. the status of the sent SMS and at which time the SMS was delivered.

Concatenated SMS

A single SMS can contain a maximum of 160 characters. If you would like to send longer messages, it’s possible to link multiple messages together and send a so-called concatenated SMS. This allows you to send messages of up to 918 characters.