AgentLine switchboard
– With invoice and prepayment

Create a Call Center in just a few days – without your own technology! A perfect – and profitable – service for support, tarot or other chat business. The service of AgentLine can be completed in order to receive traffic on geographic numbers. The telephone number that the customer calls from (a-number) will be matched against an address database, and then the invoice will be sent to that address.

  • Display of customer calls in real time
  • The client registry provides a complete picture of your customers
  • Fully automated invoice handling with address matching, invoicing, demand chain and payment registration
  • Advanced systems for blocking unwanted calls
  • There is a possibility for your customers to pay with credit card
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AgentLine with billing

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The module contains web interface and database functions to administer orders and invoices.

The address matches that provide a sufficient base for billing (complete address, not a secret number, etc.) is given an automatic credit of 1000 SEK to the customer who can immediately start using it. After each call creates an order, based on talk time and call cost. Once the credit limit is reached an invoice is created based on the existing orders, that can be sent for billing (you can do it themselves or hire an external company). You decide manually when the invoice should be sent.

Now the customer can´t call again until the first invoice is paid. When it is paid, the credit limit will be increased automatically.

Invoice bases can also be changed manually before dispatch. Customers can e.g. get a lower price per minute, etc.

The module communicates with the external service that handles billing and ledgers.

The module has a pricelist function (, article / description, price). All new customers are automatically linked to basic pricelist and can then be manually given discounts etc.

The system does not include modules for bookkeeping or printing invoices

Customer register

The module contains web interface and database functions to create and manage the service of customers.

The customer register is made up of the current address matches. All a-numbers that provides a complete address in return will be included in the register.

If the match does not provide a sufficient basis to bill, the customer can be refered to the “customer service” for manual handling. This also applies to secret numbers. Customers with unlisted numbers will receive a code to enter when they call; instead of automatically become approved through its a-number. Customers can also have multiple phone numbers associated with the same account.

When the customer is in the registry, all data on the client (credit limits, contact information, etc.) can be changed. There is also a field where you can make notes about each customer.

Customers can be blocked/blacklisted for various reasons, both financial and other e.g. that the customer is rude, etc. When a blocked/blacklisted customer calls the system detects the a-number or the number entered it will play a promt that tells the customer why the customer are not able to enter the system.

The Ethical Council for Premium Rate Call Services (ERB) is an independent, autonomous organ that regulates the premium rate call market in Sweden.  ERB’s task is to develop rules that apply on the premium rate market and to ensure that they are followed. As our customer, you are of course bound to follow these regulations.

The regulations regard both marketing and what content that may be provided through premium rate calls, below is a brief of the most important rules. The regulations can be read in their entirety on ERB’s website,, choose “Regler” in the menu and then click the second “här” to download a PDF-version of the regulations in English.

  • Swedish speaking customer service shall be provided on a Swedish fixed-line number all week-days between hours 09.00-16.00.
  • The price for the call shall always be provided directly adjacent to the premium rate number in all marketing material relating to the service.
  • The text size of the price information should be at least one third of that of the premium rate number.
  • Company name, postal address and customer service number must be included in all marketing of the service.